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MAATEC provides your organization with a comprehensive enterprise wide asset management software solution - Duka - that allows assets to be managed throughout the life cycle process. This asset life-cycle processes usually starts from procurement through deployment, maintenance, and decommissioning. The system achieves this by recording and managing asset transactions in a format that is user friendly, customizable and readily promotes information exchange between internal and external stakeholders.

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Complete control system handling assets and other issues from initial conception through to final disposal or closure of issue.
Only select required system modules – seamless integration allows you to create a platform from which other modules can be added in the future.
Reducing cost in both software purchase as well as cost per transaction.
Multiple security levels.
Complete audit trail of all actions within the one system.
Flexibility to control any type of asset.
Applies a common system to all sections of your organization with complete interaction of all major and minor disciplines.


Fast asset audits with total accuracy.
Know the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your asset base.
Reduce unnecessary purchases.
Increased security and reduced theft.
Reduce maintenance costs
Resource optimization.
Up-to-date, accurate records for insurance claims.
Reduced labor resources and costs.
Better stock control.
Reduce cost of raising purchase orders as well as enforcing compliance.
Increased transparency and visibility.

Figure shows the data sharing relationships between the asset management system and other management systems such as the procurement system, general ledger, operations systems and the data warehouse.


With Duka when an asset is procured it enters the asset management system and begins to be managed. Ideally, the procurement system should feed the asset management system the data on the new asset as soon as the purchase order is completed and the receiving organization should acknowledge receipt in a way that confirms the asset in the asset management system and notifies the purchasing system so that payment can be made.
When an asset is deployed, the system should be updated with relevant data such as location, responsible party in the organization, configuration, vendor, warranty, and any other data that will be useful in managing the asset. The location may be a physical location or simply a link to some other asset that contains the asset being deployed. For example, software or memory will likely be tied to a chassis and be located wherever that chassis is located.
Duka allows the complete control of all assets, whether owned, leased, depreciating, or fully depreciated. The system allows the tracking of every detail from purchase price, vendor issues such as warranties and Service Level Agreements through all operating expenses during the asset’s life, to final sale proceeds and profit/loss on disposal.
Duka can be integrated with other systems, such as SAP and Oracle Financials, utilizing our built-in rich import and export interface. Additionally by using the System API custom software can be developed that integrates with other packages. An example of this is our integration with the SUN Accounting System used by SSNIT, by linking records through a common asset code.
The depreciation module will allow all asset depreciation, for all types and all cost centres, to be handled in the one system. While easy to use, the System will have flexibility both in structure and reporting to allow virtually any depreciation scenario to be handled.
The system has various standard web interfaces that allow you to access your data simply and efficiently from remote locations. Access can be controlled through the built-in security interface. As well as the standard web pages available specific customizations can be undertaken to tailor any interface to your exact requirements. All system functions can be provided via a browser.
MAATEC provides direct part marking(DPM) of all types of assets using FIBRELASER technology(permanent marks) and other readily printed barcodes on a variety of materials depending upon your requirements. Options include laminated paper, plastic, glass, or even anodized aluminum, with choices for self-adhesive, glue or even rivet attachment to assets. Barcodes are available in all shapes and sizes, in 1D or 2D formats, for virtually every imaginable business requirement and operating environment.
The system has been tested on the following database systems; Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server. MAATEC can help you to migrate from any of these platforms (or from an Excel based spreadsheets) into your database of choice, and vice-versa..
MAATEC project services staff can configure, capture, tag and reconcile your complete asset database in only a fraction of the time it would take most organizations to attempt this internally, and with far greater accuracy and detail. MAATEC will also offer training to Operations and Accounting staff (and any other required users) on how to run software and generate required reports.
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